Beowulf Project
Standard English IV: 
In groups of 3-4, construct a flow map poster that includes four sections from the story:
Introduction of Beowulf and Grendel, Battle with Grendel, Battle with Grendel's Mother, and the Final Battle with the Dragon.  In EACH of these sections you will include the following information:
1) a creative title   2) a 4-5 sentence summary  3)  2 quotes from the text   4)  2 pictures: one picture can be from the internet or a magazine, one picture must be hand drawn

Honors English IV (or extra credit for standard classes): 
Beowulf Project Group Project: Complete two of the following

1.  Construct a three-fold brochure on the mead hall Herot.  Include details from the reading, research, and your notes.  Convince thanes (other noblemen) to pledge to your liege lord. 
2.  Write a recipe for the model Anglo-Saxon hero.  Be sure to write it in "recipe form."  Include information from reading, research and notes.  Include creative ingredients and procedures.
3.  Write a press release from Grendel or the Dragon discussing your perception of an event in the epic.
If you would rather, create a geocities, facebook or myspace page from the point of view of one of the three monsters in this epic.  
4.  Write a Beowulf epic song parody of a song you already know based on the epic.  Print original song lyrics and your lyrics that mirror the song in word and rhythm. 
5.  Create a project of your choice:  Consider magazine covers, articles, commercials, music videos, reader's theatre or a detailed collage.  Run your idea by me before you start. 
6.  Create a resume for Beowulf.  Research and follow resume format. 
Beowulf Project Individual Portion:
Write a two page essay on your monster.  Discuss what it is, how it has affected your life to this point, how it could potentially affect you, and how you can or will fight it, if in fact you intend to.

Rubric: Grading based on creativity, accuracy, appearance, grammar, and content.